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(Not) Marton Csokas
Recent Entries 
[Crossposted to somerhalder_bq and bloods_prince]

Ian sat in the impressive foyer waiting for his summons. His foot tapped nervously and he watched the door. He knew what this was about and he’d held the Leto’ secret for far too long. Marton would push him but he’d try to hold out as long as he could. It wasn’t that he liked the brothers, it was more that he didn’t like the prince.

It was a game he played; summon - or firmly invite as he liked to phrase it - then keep them waiting on his whimCollapse )
[Crossposted to bloods_prince and connery_bq]

As was protocol, Sean went to the regional prince. His age however, could have also indicated that Marton come to him. Sean knew better than to tweak the nose of a prince. Standing outside the door, his carriage tall and stately, the Ancient waited to be announced and allowed entrance. No sitting and fidgeting for him.

Shaking his head at the servant, Marton sighed, “Remind me why I keep you around?” It was the tone of one exasperated with underlings who continually failed at their assigned tasks.Collapse )
Long fingers tapping, Marton waited on his servant, wondering what was talking so long. He wasn’t in the best of moods to begin with, but to have to wait... Sighing, he pushed back, the rollers on the chair silent on the thick carpet. When the soft knock came, he stood and bid the man enter. “I have an assignment for you.”

“Sire?” Bartlet asked sensing his master was not in the most agreeable mood.Collapse )
[cross posted to niko_the_driver and bloods_prince]

Nikolai stood back, checking the car one last time before he began to put up the supplies.

Long fingers cradled the small balloon glass of brandy as dark eyes watched the other vampire, enjoying the view of a whip-lean body in motion. Taking one last sip, Marton placed the glass on his desk and opened the French doors onto the small slate patio. Niko had disappeared from sight, but he knew where to find him. Inside the garage, it was dim and cool, and the scent of polish, oil and machine filled his nostrils. "Hello Niko... been busy I see."

Da, Nikolai answered, nodding and giving the prince a crooked smile. She needed a bathCollapse )
Arms behind his back, Marton was certain his messenger would find Ian at The Missing Mile and deliver his request.
That he’d not heard from the human was vexing and irritating but certainly not something to be concerned with.
He trusted the child of his most favored humans to do his bidding - just as his parents had.
[Crossposted to somerhalder_bq and bloods_prince

Marton knew he could have stood and greeted the human in a warmer fashion, after all, his parents had been... useful to him. Instead, he sat in the high backed chair near the wide windows that looked out over the lush green of the back garden. “You may show him in now.” Addressing... whatever the man’s name was, Marton turned his eyes to the sight beyond the glass, enjoying the way the soft lights spotlighted on certain bushes.

Ian strode in with as much bravado as he could find even though the vampire made the hair on the back of his neck stand on end.Collapse )
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